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Our South San Francisco Water Heater Repair Team Is Available 24/7The water heater is just one of many plumbing appliances in your home that require occasional service. In most cases, the only service it will get is when it stops working properly. It's likely that a malfunction or failure will occur during a weekend or while you're away from home, necessitating an emergency visit from your local South San Francisco water heater repair team.

A conventional water heater usually lasts for about 11 years. Most tankless water heaters have a lifespan of 20 years, or even more. Routine maintenance is the key to getting the most out of a water heater, depending on its age and current condition. However, if a water heater begins experiencing symptoms of failure, then you should never hesitate to act.

A Guide to Common Water Heater Repair Issues

This simple guide explains how to spot common water heater symptoms while listing the parts needed for repairs. With this guide, taking care of water heater problems becomes a worry-free experience. Don't forget that we're always here to help whenever necessary.

  • Our South San Francisco Water Heater Repair Team Does New ConstructionInadequate amounts of hot water can stem from a broken thermocouple in need of replacement. In other cases, the gas pilot may need replacement. A complete lack of hot water can result from the hot and cold water mixing in the tank. In that case, a new dip tube is needed.
  • If a complete lack of hot water persists despite the dip tube replacement, there may be a faulty plumbing connection. Since water heaters are often connected on the same water line as other household appliances, cross connections can occur due to installer error. To check for this issue, simply shut off the water heater's water supply and open the hot water tap on a nearby faucet. Any water flow from the tap is likely the result of a cold-water connection crossing the hot water line.
  • When water takes on a rust color or a rotten-egg odor, the sacrificial anode rod most likely requires replacement. These rods erode over time with use, eventually causing the tank lining to decay if they're not replaced in time.
  • Sediment build-up can cause rumbling, popping noises and loud whining, among other symptoms. The solution is to flush the water tank of all sediment and debris. This task is best left in the hands a South San Francisco water heater repair professional.